Hot blonde w/ 36-24-36 body competes in Florida Bikini contest

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Please rate, comment & subscribe! Super hot blonde with perfect measurements, 36-24-36 competes in a hot bikini contest at Mojo’s in Lakeland, Florida on Cin…


sjbarney says:

Fake titties, nasty!

Jordan ActressModel says:

She has a nice body. Must give her credit. My measurements are similar

DePontes1000 says:

Boner Alert !!! LOL

Foxy Babes says:

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swdesertdweller says:


bojan aNdrijasevic says:

love porn movie with big cock

Iunio92 says:

yeah not bad

tcrusader says:

I would buy her dinner. And everything else

GameSheepZ says:

Baahh O_o

The Bomb Diggity says:

Only if she’s 5’3″ You gotta be old to get that reference

Mark Evans says:

You want a blonde like that……You got make sure you have something she
wants…..MONEY !!!!

Shawn Kemp says:

suck the pussy with passion… fuck the ass with devotion!

MissTVonline says:


nrcnickc says:

All i want in life is her and her supra!

Zoci Vyxc says:


Pablo Daniel Marin says:

Damn…wanna one blonde like this woman…she is perfect.

Grace Zimmerman says:

So sexy and boobs

qqg1112 says:

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Jorge Lobos says:

Where are you looking, senior citizen homes? I see these 10’s everyday,
some of them seem legit and not like a whore either.

Ototo Atata says:

@Miss Google Sucks: show pics of your girl, so we know you’re not full of

Google Sucks Balls says:

fake plastic junk

alwaaly26 says:


alwaaly26 says:


dandaman a says:

man i would rub nutella all over that ass and tits

zezo bizo says:

my penis

Halo428 says:

This is perfection. Very nice.



KaneChamp says:

Perfect ass! Thank you very much for the vid!

Lam Sze Yue says:

Fake breast…

Sorensen D says:

Hey, I could use all that Silicone to make a 100 tubes of caulk…

Streetfightman says:

fuori dal mondo. Mi ha fottuto il cervello. WLF

KicksNbud says:

Jessica Barton is her name.

Danh Pham says:

Love it


Used to have a 1100hp Toyota MKIV Supra! :)

stellastarr69 says:

Don’t like her tits, then don’t watch her videos anymore.

shiftcon says:

I want to be balls deep in Jessica

InternetMexican says:

fake tits, went from 10/10 to 7/10

stripes5150 says:


Andrew Flood says:

DAMN !!!!!!

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